Maggio 24, 2022


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On 21st April Queen Elisabeth II turned 96 years old, 70 of which spent reigning. She is
going to have a family party at the Sandringham estate, but in London 41 shots fired will
explode at noon. As every year, the public and official holiday will be in June, but this time
the festivities and the parade of Trooping of colours will be particularly solemn because they
are included in the Platinum Jubilee program.
Lately, the Queen, as a result of healing to Covid-19, had appeared tired; however she
continued to “travel” online, as she has been doing since she was 26.
She lived many difficult times during her reign but none of them is comparable to the
pandemic of Covid-19; anyway, she doesn’t seem she wants to abdicate.
One of her characteristics is the abstention from politics, also now, with the difficult situation
of Ukraine, she hasn’t expressed her thoughts at all, although the British Crown stated its
solidarity with the difficult situation of war through the words ofthe Dukes of Sussex.
In conclusion, the Queen has always been really dedicated to the care of her monarchy
and, even though her old age she isn’t ready to leave the throne yet, and, probably, not
even her subjects are ready for this change.
Demetra D’Alesio 3^A

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